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Sports Chiropractic at Progressive Chiropractic

Men playing soccerIf you like playing sports and being active, there’s always a chance an injury may occur. Whether you are a weekend athlete or dedicated professional, we could help prevent injury or provide rehabilitation if one occurs.

Chiropractic is a great way to prevent injury, or if you do get hurt, get you back to work or play. An all-natural technique, side effects, if any, are minimal. If you’re an athlete and want to perform at your best, it’s recommended to be under chiropractic care.

Any level of athlete may benefit from sports chiropractic care, but it might be even more necessary for the casual athlete. Those who are not highly trained in their sport of choice tend to be more prone to injury, as they often don’t have the level of overall fitness needed to stabilize their body to help prevent injuries.

While avoiding injury is important for the weekend warrior, it’s even more crucial for an elite athlete, because it’s impossible to perform at the highest level unless the spine and extremity joints are aligned and moving properly.

That’s why most professional sports teams and Olympic staff have a chiropractor either on staff or on call. They understand the benefits of chiropractic for their athletes, so it’s a sound investment.

Woman stretching

Be at Your Athletic Best

Chiropractic has a proven track record with sports care. When an injured athlete comes to Progressive Chiropractic, the stakes are very high when it comes to keeping their body in check, and ensuring that the care improves their condition, not makes it worse.

Dr. Mark’s approach is beneficial, because he’s not adding to the stress on the body. Using the drop table and instrument adjusting methods is so gentle; it does the job without putting pressure on the body, allowing the healing process to begin.

Our chiropractor has provided quality care to all types of professional rugby players and hockey players, and amateur athletes of all kinds—dancers, gymnasts, horseback riders, figure skaters, and more—they’ve all really benefited from our gentle care.

Get Back in the Game

Sports chiropractic care helps you heal, rehab, and prevent injuries from occurring in the future. Call for your appointment today; we’re here to help!


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