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Lifestyle and Wellness Assessment at
Progressive Chiropractic

What does Lifestyle and Wellness have to do with Chiropractic?

Woman with arms outstretchedWe all want wellness and happiness, but as Dr. Mark likes to say, “A patient will only benefit from care as much as their lifestyle will allow.” This means the more physical, mental, emotional, and environmental stress in a person’s life, the less likely they are to benefit from their care. On the other hand, the healthier a person’s lifestyle is, the more they will benefit from their chiropractic care and experience wellness!

That’s why we incorporated an Evidence-Based Wellness Assessment into our care protocols, giving clients wellness guidance to help them live healthier lives.

What are the advantages of our Lifestyle and Wellness Assessment?

  1. Gives personalized lifestyle advice to maximize our clients’ results
  2. Provides information the patient may use for a lifetime, based on valid research from multiple sources, NOT personal opinion
  3. Addresses four major pillars of health—Nutrition, Movement/Exercise, Mental/Emotional, and Spinal
  4. Provides wellness advice they may not receive from other healthcare practitioners, at NO EXTRA COST to clients

This evaluation is done on the first visit and takes into account measurements such as a patient’s physical function and limitations, range of motion, and spinal exam. We do this to pinpoint where spinal dysfunction exists and, more importantly, what a patient can do to help themselves proactively with various wellness interventions, such as exercises/stretches, nutritional changes, or psychological/emotional exercises.

This is similar to the Spinal Health Assessment, but is less specific to spinal health. This assessment adds a more in-depth look into a patient’s overall lifestyle. This provides greater detail on how clients might improve their overall wellness.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the wellness and lifestyle information available online. Much of which is available online is not from credible or trustworthy sources, or has hidden agendas. The assessments we provide give clarity, and the reliable advice needed to empower our clients to live well.

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