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Shoulder pain ? Why Chiropractic may help you shrug off your shoulder issue!

Often clients come into my office and their nagging shoulder pain that has been lingering and not improving for months or even years isn’t their main concern- usually their back is what brings them in and they have no idea that chiropractic could even potentially help their shoulder!

Many people aren’t aware that chiropractic can potentially help shoulder injuries like repetitive motion injuries and those occurring in sport and the workplace

Quite often their story is something along the lines of a ‘sports injury’, ‘work injury’, or ‘repetitive motion injury’ that occurred months or years ago followed by some form of treatment that ‘helped a little’ but the unfortunate fact remains that the problem is just still there.

In the same way that the proper alignment of spinal vertebrae is crucial to spinal and nerve system health, the proper alignment of the bones and joints that make up the shoulder is just as important- and this is where chiropractic can make a huge difference.

The bones that make up the shoulder are the clavicle, scapula, and humerus.  When shoulder injuries happen, small misalignments of these bones at the joints that connect them can occur- just like they can in the spine!  When this happens, the muscles surrounding the shoulder often tense up and spasm in an attempt to keep the shoulder from further misalignment and injury, resulting in decreased range of motion, muscle soreness, pinching sensations, and nerve issues.

When shoulder injuries happen, misalignments of the bones and joints making up the shoulder can occur and cause major issue- just like the spine!

At my clinic shoulder issues are dealt with by:

– Looking at a client’s history to determine if the shoulder is safe to work on;

– Assessing the neck for subluxations (misalignments of spinal vertebrae causing irritation to the nerves going to the shoulders) and adjusting these back into proper alignment;


– Going through a protocol of testing muscles of the shoulder to determine where misalignments of the bones of the shoulder are;

– Adjusting these misalignments back into place;

– Working on muscular trigger points surrounding the shoulder;

It definitely it puts a smile on my face when over several weeks time, and sometimes after the first visit clients say things like “I can’t believe it, I finally have my ARM back!”, or ” I haven’t been able to move my arm like THAT in over a year!”  Results vary from person to person depending on many factor of course, but great results are common.

Maintaining proper alignment of ALL joints of the body can help ensure top performance in athletes

You don’t necessarily have to have symptoms to have the alignment of your shoulder assessed either.  For example, athletes can certainly benefit from making sure that not just their shoulders, but all the joints of their body are in proper alignment- from hips to wrists, knees, elbows, feet, ankles, and even jaws.  Chiropractic assessment and adjustment of all the joints involved in their sport will help ensure any athlete’s best performance.

So do you know an athlete, co-worker, relative, or could you even benefit?

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