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Our New Electronic Massage Table Helps our Patients get More out of their Visit

After receiving their chiropractic adjustment, I always recommend that patients rest for as long as possible in order to let the spine settle into its new position and allow the surrounding muscles and tissues time to adapt.

Going from having a great adjustment straight back to your regular routine isn’t the best thing to do after your visit

While many do heed my advice and head straight home for a well-deserved rest, most either don’t or simply can’t.  Invariably, ‘Life Happens’ and people often go right back to their busy, hectic schedules, potentially undoing some of the good work they just had on their spine minutes earlier.

What I’ve observed is that people who rest immediately after their adjustment simply get better, faster results and feel better for it.

For this reason, and at no extra charge, we will now be encouraging clients to rest on our new ‘Legacy 500 Intersegmental Traction Massage Table’ for approximately 10 minutes after their adjustments.  Adjustable pressure rollers and vibration moving in a wave-like motion will massage the back following an adjustment.


Our new electronic massage table will help you relax and get the most out of your chiropractic adjustment

On the one-year anniversary of our clinic we have invested in this table to do the following:

  • Allow time to rest and let the chiropractic adjustment ‘settle in’ after treatment
  • Relax tense, sore muscles
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve our clients’ experience and help them leave feeling great!

So remember to allow for an extra 10 minutes when you make your next appointment, clients have already been referring to this experience as “The cherry on top of a great visit!”

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