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Keeping a 'Chiropractic Lifestyle' through a Wet Fall and Winter

Fall is upon us.  In case there was any doubt, the rain, car headlights at noon, and darkness to and from work might make us all take a collective deep breath and prepare for another wet and cold west coast winter.

It’s important during our northwest coast fall and winter to maintain healthy habits- taking care your spinal and nerve system health should be one of those habits!

Perhaps the less favorable weather and fewer hours of daylight and sunshine has you, your co-workers, family, and friends walking with a little less ‘pep’ in your step- all the more reason to stay physically active and in a positive physical, emotional, and psychological state!



In my opinion there are 4 key habits that EVERYONE should practice throughout the nastier fall and winter months:

If walking in the rain isn’t your thing, get to the gym and jump on a treadmill!

1.  Staying physically active despite the lure of the couch and the menacing weather- get to the gym, it’s always dry there!





2. Maintaining healthy eating habits despite the lure of seasonal comfort foods

Homemade soups, stews, and chilis are easy to make and a healthy alternative to other warm, heavy comfort foods

3.  Investing time in maintaining a positive spiritual, emotional, and psychological well-being despite the lure of becoming more house-bound and introverted during the fall and winter

Social gatherings like family get-togethers, attending church, or team sports or clubs are important for psychological, spiritual, and emotional health

4.  Maintaining your spinal health via chiropractic care to keep optimal nervous system health and function throughout the fall and winter months

Your nervous system controls all functions of your body and is affected by your spinal health!

It is important to remember that the nerve system controls the function of the entire body- including our own flu-fighting immune system and must be maintained through the fall and winter months in a way similar to how brushing your teeth and regular dental checkups maintain your dental health.

Another consideration is that when engaging in typical ‘Winter Weekend Warrior’ pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, hockey, curling, indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball that maintaining the health and flexibility of your spinal joints, shoulders, and ankles is an important key to preventing injury and keeping you off the couch rehabilitating.

Being a ‘Weekend Warrior’ can take its toll- do you know someone who needs a tune-up after playing hard one night a week?


Is spinal health part of your fall and winter game plan? It’s not too early to start a new resolution and not too late to start a new healthy habit before we are too far into the season.  You’ll be happier and healthier for it by the time spring rolls around again!



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