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Chiropractic Table of Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith

Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith's chiropractic table

The Zenith 230 hylo drop table- Dr. Mark Smith’s chiropractic table

Not your ordinary chiropractic table.

Dr. Smith has been using this chiropractic table since he started practice. It may look a little ‘space-aged’ or intimidating to some, but its use in our clinic results in great patient care. As a result, most patients find care on this table to be a very easy and agreeable experience.

How does it work?

A chiropractic adjustment is a quick thrust to a specific segment of the spine in order to restore proper motion. Traditionally, chiropractors push into the spinal segment after bringing the spine to tension. While effective, some find this approach to be somewhat uncomfortable or scary, and typically results in a ‘popping’ or ‘cracking’ sound as the spinal joints move against one another.

With a ‘drop table’ like Dr. Smith’s however, a section of the table literally drops a tiny amount (roughly half a centimetre) when the adjustment is given. In this way, gravity begins the movement of the spinal segment without the need to bring a patient to tension. This means the patient only feels the drop of the table section and the hand of the doctor rather than hearing or feeling any popping or cracking sensation in the spine- ‘kachunk!’

Chiropractic table of Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith

The Chiropractic table of Victoria chiropractor Dr. Mark’s table raises and lowers to accommodate any age and physical state

Chiropractic for Any Age and Physical State

People are often in pretty sad physical condition when they first enter the door of a Chiropractic office. Sometimes a patient’s back is in such pain and spasm that getting on and off a therapy table is not even possible! Patients of advanced age may also have difficulty getting on and off a table due to a loss of mobility and strength as well. Under these conditions traditional Chiropractic tables may not even be an option. With our Zenith Hi-Lo 230 table, a patient goes from standing to laying with the push of a button. This means that pain or lack of mobility aren’t an issue.

The patient (regardless of pain level or age) simply stands on the platform base of the table and leans forward. Dr. Smith then alters the table height to match the patient’s height. The drop table is then lowered to horizontal with the push of a button. The patient is then adjusted and then brought back to standing once again- easy!

Patients of all ages and pain levels enjoy care with this system. This includes patients literally doubled over in pain to a woman who recently celebrated her 102nd birthday!

The engineers of the Zenith Hi-Lo chiropractic table clearly put an enormous amount of time and care into developing this table.  As a result, countless lives in our office have been changed as patients enjoy a more comfortable approach to care.

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