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The Best Chiropractor in Victoria?

Dr. Mark Smith answers the question of who the best chiropractor in Victoria is


Who is the best chiropractor in Victoria?

“I’m the best!”

It’s something we are not actually allowed to say. It’s forbidden by the BC College of Chiropractors and the BC Chiropractic Association and for good reason too! Finding the best chiropractor for you would be even more confusing if it weren’t!

Google can only help you so much.

If only it were as simple as typing in ‘who is the best chiropractor in _________’ and Google answered. Google knows a lot, but unfortunately it won’t have the exact answer you are looking for. This is because who the ‘best’ is isn’t actually a measurable thing. It’s a subjective and completely individual opinion, based on the values of the person giving the opinion. To one person the fact that chiropractor ‘A’ is a great listener and gives them nutritional advice might make them ‘the best.’ To another person, the fact that chiropractor ‘B’ works weekends and was able to help them with their long-standing hip pain in just 2 visits makes them ‘the best.’

Dr. Mark Smith is a Victoria Chiropractor providing who has experience working with athletes of all abilities to help them recover and stay at the top of their game

So how do I find a great chiropractor?

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Victoria, you will fall into one of two easy-to-define categories: Those that have been to a chiropractor, and those that haven’t.

People who HAVE been to a chiropractor before

Those who have been to a chiropractor have a basis for comparison. They have the advantage of generally knowing what they like and dislike in a clinic. They will probably know what works for them, and even which different techniques they’d like to experience. However they are at the disadvantage of having preconceived notions about what their care ought to look like. This might lead them to be closed off to different approaches that might actually benefit them. They might be disappointed if they can’t find care that is similar to what they’re used to.

These people should consider doing the following:
  1. Clearly identify what is most important to them in their chiropractic care. You will establish a relationship with your chiropractor, so just as you would write down the qualities you would want in a mate, it’s useful to write down and prioritize the qualities you would would want in an ideal doctor and clinic. What is their attitude and demeanor like? How do they deliver adjustments? What kind of hours do they have? What kind of patients do they see? What’s the clinic look like? How is the parking? Are they downtown or closer to your house? Do they give lifestyle or wellness advice?
  2. Research through your social network. People LOVE giving advice. Send a call out on Facebook or other social media for your friends/family’s help in finding a new doc. Mention the qualities you’re looking for. Don’t just accept the fact that someone says ‘so-and-so is great’ as an answer, ask them WHY they’re great! Ask what’s different about their clinic, how do they adjust, what are their specialties, what are their prices like, would they send their own mother there?
  3. Research online. Online testimonials from former patients will paint a very rosy picture of a chiropractor and their clinic. On the other hand, trolling around online looking for the several negative comments from disgruntled or entitled former patients doesn’t give an accurate picture either. Thankfully, chiropractors enjoy very high levels of patient satisfaction, so on the whole the profession delivers a high level of service. Testimonials are useful if you really scan through and READ the testimonials. Are people mentioning things about the clinic that resonate with and are important to you? Are people having symptomatic success with similar things that you’re having issue with?
  4. Narrow it down. At this point you’ve probably got a handful of potential clinics/chiropractors to choose from. Consider calling the office and getting the front desk to describe their clinic a bit and have a few questions prepared for them. Do they sound proud of the doctor and what they have to offer? Are they dismissive? Digest what they have to say.
  5. Try to not overthink it. Try not to give yourself ‘paralysis by analysis’ or even talk yourself out of going just because the choice may be difficult. Remind yourself why you’re seeking care in the first place, and go back to your values list and ask yourself if the clinic you’re considering makes sense for you. Then call the office, and make the appointment remembering that it is not an irreversible decision. Remember that you may not find the perfect fit on the first try. Even if you don’t, chances are that your health will still benefit from going, and you will definitely learn from the experience. The knowledge and wisdom you gain will give you an even clearer idea of what you’re looking for the next time around.

People who HAVE NOT been to a chiropractor before

Those who haven’t been to a chiropractor are at the disadvantage of having no previous experience with chiropractic. This can be even more confusing and even a little scary. At the same time, they have the advantage of potentially being more open to a range of clinical approaches and techniques since every chiropractor is different.

These people should consider doing the following:


Educate yourself using VALID sources. Chiropractic is a scientifically-valid profession that has been around for 130 years. It also has an outstanding track record of success and safety. Biased and unscrupulous news networks and online personalities sometimes paint a negative picture of chiropractors in order to gain attention. If these are the only opinions you’ve been exposed to, go online and learn a little about chiropractic history and techniques. Ask friends and family about their experiences and try to soak up as much knowledge as you can. This may put your mind more at ease so that you don’t scare yourself out of getting the help you need.

Do steps 1-5 above the same as a person who IS familiar with chiropractic care would. You might not have a relationship with the profession yet, but you know yourself and you know what’s important to you. There’s no reason you can’t define what your values are before you go looking for a chiropractor to help you.

So who really IS the best for me??

In reality, this is a very personal opinion based on a persons experience, values and priorities. Finding the best chiropractor in Victoria for YOU isn’t always simple and often takes some time and effort. Once you do, you’ll have an amazing partner in helping to improve and maintain your quality of life. They will also be there to help those you love and care about. The important thing to do now is to get started!


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